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Nanometer CMOS ICs (second edition; 2017)

CMOS technologies account for almost 90% of all integrated circuits (ICs). This book provides an essential introduction to nanometer CMOS ICs. The contents of this book are based upon several previous publications and editions entitled ‘MOS ICs’ and ‘Deep-Submicron CMOS ICs’ published by VCH (Weinheim) and Kluwer Academic Publishers (Boston), respectively. This book is fully updated and is not just a copy-and-paste of previous material. It includes aspects of scaling up to and beyond 10 nm CMOS technologies and designs. It clearly describes the fundamental CMOS operating principles and presents substantial insight into the various aspects of design implementation and application. In contrast to other works on this topic, this book explores all associated disciplines of nanometer CMOS ICs, including physics, lithography, technology, design, memories, VLSI, power consumption, variability, reliability and signal integrity, testing, yield, failure analysis, packaging, scaling trends and road blocks. The text is based upon in-house courseware (philips, NXP, IMEC, TSMC, Applied Materials, STEricsson, Infineon, ASML,…), which, to date, has been completed by close to 6,500 engineers working in a large variety of related disciplines: architecture, design, test, process, packaging, failure analysis and software. Carefully structured and enriched by in-depth exercises, hundreds of colour figures and photographs and many references, make that the book is extremely suited to be used in training classes. An extensive table of contents can be found here. This hardbound book is also carefully structured and enriched by hundreds of colour figures and photographs to support the explanations.

A three-day course and four-day course on “Nanometer CMOS ICs” for the professional are also available.