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Course benefits, fees and conditions

Benefits of On-site training

Most of the courses are offered as on-site training, eliminating travel and hotel expenses for the participants. On-site training also offers a familiar and convenient environment, which stimulates the interaction with the trainer and with each other. The 4-day class includes all disciplines of CMOS ICs, and provides the opportunity to tailor the course focus to the needs of a specific group. Hands-on exercises, which are an important part of the learning process, also serve to increase interactions. They will be made during the day-time and evenings and are discussed during the class. There is no computer required and laptop is not allowed in the class room!

Number of participants

The minimum number of participants depends on the course (four-day course: 10, three-day course: 12, one-day course: 15) There is no limit on the maximum number of participants, as long as they fit in the class room (conference room, auditorium, etc.) that you provide at your premises. Several classes of more than 70 participants have attended this course. However, one should be aware that each participant needs a small table to allow place for the course material and to make notes and exercises. 
Based on the experience of more than almost 200 courses, both the number of participants and the length of the course (five long learning days for the five-day course) have hardly any influence on the efficiency of the learning process. This is also perceived by the participants (see References reflecting the evaluation forms of the 56th course for 66 participants and of the 100th course for 16 participants, respectively).

Course fee

The on-site course fees consist of a base fee, which includes preparation of the course, the on-site delivery of the course and all instructor travel and hotel expenses. The individual per-student fee is kept small and includes course material, final examination (only for the four-day course, which must be made at home), exam correction work and the delivery of the diplomas or certificates.
To obtain the course fee send an email to: info@bitsonchips.com

Course cancellation/postponement policy

The instructor will have to make early reservations for the flight and nearby hotel. Course material will be sent to your premises at least five days before the start of the course. Therefore:
1) Cancellations made in writing at least one month prior to the training start date will incur a charge for any non-refundable travel, lodging and other expenses already incurred plus a €100 administration fee. Cancellations made in writing less than one month prior to the training start date willincur, next to the above mentioned cancellation cost, the non-refundable cost of the shipped course material, including shipment cost.
2) Postponements of the course for less than six months, will incur a charge for any non-refundable travel, lodging and other expenses already incurred. Postponement of the course more than six months will be treated as a cancellation and the agreed fee will be liable in addition to the new course fee.
3) Only in case of a strong private reason the course may be postponed by the trainer, who will be liable for his non-refundable travel and lodging expenses already incurred. He will not be liable for the expenses of possible course arrangements made by the customer.
4) Acceptance of an offer is an expression of agreement with this cancellation/postponement policy.